Started as a cutting room and consolidated within the sector as a cold storage room and retaining offering a range of possibilities and logistics services within a plan.

Frigorífics Gelada, S.L. is an innovative company born in Olot , located Argelaguer.


Service re packaged product with the conditions and formats specified by the customer and high quality required.


Service products with different freezing tunnels -40 ° C we have.


Service or re palletising palletising products for your store or expedition.

Maintenance cool (0 ° C)

Maintenance service with fresh cold at a temperature of 0 ° C

Maintenance cool (-18 ° C)

Maintenance service frozen with cold temperature of -18 ° C.

Retractable second skin

Service shrink product incorporating a second skin.

Loading and unloading

Service of loading or unloading of trucks or containers.


Service preparation of several references to the order and  palletizing.


Possibility of hiring national and international transport services.

Polígon Industrial Can Portella - Parcel·la 3 - 17853 Argelaguer
T. +34 972 68 80 32 - F. +34 972 68 80 34